about me

At a cafe in Union Square, San Francisco.

I live with my husband, daughter, and two dogs in Chicagoland. I enjoy running, traveling (whenever I have the chance and the funds), and spending time with my family. I am super-organized and make lots of lists.

When I was in college, I read lots of Hemingway; now, I read cheesy vampire novels, and any items from Slate, the New York Times and Harvard Business Review that show up in my news feed. Currently, I work in the world of corporate communications. So, my writing style is a hybrid of some pretty random influences.

As for travel, Venice and Edinburgh are my two favorite places I’ve visited only once and hope to return to someday. But these days, R&R is a big priority, so I’m trying to get away from big cities, heading to the beach instead. I’ve never taken a cruise, but that doesn’t appeal to me, anyways.

I am arranging this blog into three categories, to start with:

  • Big Trips, where I’ll share stories and tips from trips I’ve taken
  • Local Color Chicago, where I’ll write reviews of restaurants and attractions in the Chicago area
  • In the Making, where I’ll share things I learn in the vacation-planning process

I’m new to blogging but I think I’ll like it. Thanks for visiting my site!

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog….!

  2. Hey Jennifer,

    I was surfing through a couple of friends who also blog and I found yours – first off, I wanted to say that it’s very nice. Great content, for sure! I blog about travel, http://www.eyeandpen.com just in case you’re curious ;). Basically, I just wanted to reach out and say hey, it’s always nice to be acquainted with other writers in the community. I mainly use twitter, but you can connect @eyeandpen. I also have a couple things going on that might interest you… I have a narrative travel magazine that you should submit some pieces to http://www.traveloriginsmag.com 🙂 Plus, I’m a blog coach and web designer, and if you find yourself needing some help, check out http://www.thebloggercoach.com. (I actually have had some wicked cool ideas for a sports blog design)
    Anyway, I hope to hear back and I hope all is well.


    • Thanks for the feedback and tips, Brandon! I’ll definitely check out your site. I’ve just started getting more serious about blogging, so I might be interested in the coaching as well. Good to know there are blog coaches out there! I just started using Twitter about a month ago. There is so much to learn about that site, as well! Nice to meet you, virtually!

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