I’m writing this while sitting motionless on a plane, waiting to take off. Pilot announced it’ll be an hour before we get clearance. I want to be annoyed, but I can’t muster up the conviction. This happens every time. Standing in long lines in security, experiencing boarding delays, losing our position for take-off, being unable to find an open gate to taxi to and debark. It seems like, bad weather or not, I get stuck in each situation, every time.

I tried changing airports, but that didn’t help. Didn’t help to fly at a different time of day, either.

Everyone on the plane is so patient. I haven’t heard anyone lose his or her temper on this flight yet (although I witnessed plenty of idiots yelling at airline ticketing agents throughout the morning). They must all be used to the discomfort and ennui, as well.

Here’s hoping for a shortened delay and a safe flight.