I’m vacationing in June. That, I know. Only problem is, I still need to land on a location, I’m coming up blank, and I need some help.

I want to go somewhere island-y. My parents jumped at the chance to watch Baby Girl, creating the perfect opportunity for Jacob and me to get away to a beautiful, sunny Caribbean island. But it can’t be too remote. We want to check in on Baby by phone a couple of times a day. It also can’t be too boring– reading a paperback on the beach would be a waste of a new, foreign place. Anyways, my pale skin eliminates me from that demographic.

I decided months ago on St. Martin/Sint Maarten, but now I’m reconsidering– it may be too commercial for our tastes. If we end up here, we’d stay in French St. Martin, dine at lots of yummy French restaurants and lolos, spend time exploring the island’s 39 white sand beaches, and venture onto the Dutch side (because hey, why not?). However, it doesn’t seem like the island has much to offer other than beaches, shopping and casinos. And the latter two don’t appeal to me.

I really really want to experience Martinique. Culture, volcanoes, history. It’s like France bottled up in a Caribbean island. I could put my four years of high school French to the test. But, so far, the rare flight from Chicago to Fort-de-France is out of my price range.

I recently discovered Dominica. It’s full of opportunities to explore and go canyoning, hiking, soaking in hot springs and ocean bubbles, etc. I also found an amazing eco-tourism resort, sans electricity and all. But, without electricity, how would we charge our cell phones? How would I style my hair? See after dark?

It’s not the Caribbean, but ever since our Honeymoon was interrupted by Hurricane Emily, we’ve vowed to return to the hotel where we intended to stay along the Mayan Riviera. Maybe it’s time to make good?

Quarantined in our hotel room, waiting for Hurricane Emily to arrive.

Fodor’s tells me our best match is St. Kitts and Nevis. One more option to complicate things even more.

I have decision paralysis and I need help. My husband doesn’t really care– he’ll be happy no matter where we end up. And I guess I will be, too. Any vacation is better than no vacation, right?

I’m throwing this out to all of you who might read and have an opinion. Please, help me decide, share your advice … If you were me, where would you go?